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Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Have you ever asked yourself why lawyers do not guarantee their work by offering a money back guarantee? The short answer is that to protect the public, state bars across the nation prohibit lawyers from making false or misleading communications. For example, according to the State Bar of California, any “communication that contains an express guarantee or warranty of the result of a particular representation is a false or misleading communication,” and is against Rule 7.1 of the California Rules of Professional Conducts. (See also Bus. & Prof. Code, § 6157.2, subd. (a).)

True, a lawyer cannot promise or guarantee a particular result because it’s against the rules. It’s also true that it’s just not possible to make such a promise knowing that the law is interpreted differently by different judges and adjudicators, which could turn a result in any direction. In our opinion, a lawyer who promises and makes an express guarantee or warranty of a particular result is NOT to be trusted.

However, what is to stop a lawyer from refunding a client’s money if the lawyer fails to achieve the client’s expectation the lawyer raised in the first place when they accepted the case? Certainly, that cannot be against the rules! Rules are in place to protect the client’s interest. A lawyer’s promise to refund a client’s money if they fail to achieve the expected result does just that: it protects the public interest, and as such, it is not and cannot be against the rules.

So, why is it almost unheard of and not often seen? Because clients go to lawyers at their most vulnerable time when they need the lawyer’s services. They would naturally not ask a question they already know the answer to. It’s not like taking your car to a mechanic expecting to have it fixed before you pay a dime! Or is it? Or should it be? Why should you not be able to ask your lawyer for your money back. If they fail to meet your expectations? With us, you most certainly can. We are offering a Money Back Guarantee with selected services based on the following terms and conditions:

  • The offer is limited to services involving applications for immigration benefits. With processing times that do not exceed, give, or take, longer than a year.
  • The offer is void where the client’s own actions, such as being uncooperative, withholding information. Or offering false information cause an unfavorable case conclusion.
  • The offer does not include expenses incurred. Such as application fees, postage fees, credit card processing fees. Or any legitimate expenses incurred in handling your case.
  • This offer stands as long as posted on this website
“Going the extra mile for our clients is part of who we are. We’re here for you, making a difference when it matters most. That’s a promise!”

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