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Lotyata W.

Al Parsad is an excellent lawyer, he is very knowledgeable about immigration law. His patience is commendable, he will take the time to listen and he pays attention to every details. His investigative skills are superb, he won’t stop until he is able to provide all the possible available options, then work diligently with you to choose the best one.
He doesn’t use words which are “legal terms” to confuse you, he will explain in simple words and you won’t be left wondering what exactly he’s trying to say.
He was recommended by a friend who had an almost impossible case, that other lawyers told him he won’t be successful and Mr. Parsad helped him to victory.
I have used him in more than one situation and his caring personality, his immaculate work ethics, and his knowledge in his field would allow me to say he will be the best lawyer to have your back. I recommend him (100%) one hundred percent!